Perceptive MyTrials® Overview

Perceptive MyTrials® is a single place to go to access data, information and applications associated with the conduct of your clinical trials.  Perceptive MyTrials provides an application framework through which we are able to converge our integrated suite of clinical trial software applications, enhancing the way our users work with our product suite.  

This framework enables single sign on across our suite of hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Through Perceptive MyTrials, multiple technologies, trials and programs can be accessed by a single set of credentials, providing users with efficient workflow and task continuity when using multiple applications within our product suite. Importantly, single sign on ensures strong security without the burden of remembering multiple user names and passwords.


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The Perceptive MyTrials environment provides a framework through which we provide access to our hosted suite of integrated applications, data and information associated with all our trials and programs including:  

  •  DataLabs® EDC, for effective data collection and management.
  •  Serious Adverse Event Case Collection using DataLabs® EDC.
  •  DataLabs Designer™, for collaborative EDC design to create studies and libraries to design and run trials on our SaaS infrastructure.
  • ClinPhone®RTSM, for centralized randomization, drug accountability and trial supply management.
  • IMPACT® CTMS, for all aspects of trial management including study planning and tracking, payments and budget management, monitoring visit management and reporting.
  • Medical Imaging, for review, analysis, management and reporting of medical images.
  • ePRO for collection of patient-reported outcomes and clinical assessments using IVR and web.
  • Collaboration for document management, study news and announcements, discussion forums, study calendar, training and learning.
  • Metrics and reporting for consolidated industry-standard trial performance metrics and detailed reports of trial data.

Use for a single trial, programs or use our infrastructure yourself

Use Perceptive MyTrials to leverage our integrated product suite for a single study, or for a program of trials. Studies can utilize one or all of our suite components in a flexible, modular approach. It is also possible to use MyTrials in combination with the services of PAREXEL’s clinical research divisions such as Early Phase, phase II/III and Peri-Approval late-phase studies. 

Perceptive MyTrials is a framework that we use to deliver our technology services, but also an infrastructure that our clients can access to design their own clinical trials. Because our framework is extendable, some companies have selected Perceptive MyTrials to play a critical role in delivering their corporate eClinical strategy. Speak to us about gaining full access to our systems to enable your staff to design, provision and run their own clinical trials without significant in-house infrastructure investment.

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